Tomas Moberg



Death Cages

Airbags, safety belts,
and navigation systems;
comfortable cars everywhere.
Where can I buy a new one?
Barriers, air pollution,
and impervious surfaces;
habitat destruction everywhere.
Where have the species gone?
Where life ends;
death cages;
more death cages;
death cages everywhere.
Where do the roads end?


Earth Decade

In solidarity with all species:
suddenly we realize that
we depend on you,
that it is time
to heal the rifts;
time for rebellion
and time for revolution;
time for human emancipation
and time for ecological recovery;
time for long-term thinking
and time for solidarity;
a planet somewhere
and a decade later ...



social individuals;
radical democrats;
ecological creators;
united revolutionaries;
self-mediating human beings;
associated reproducers of sustainability.